Cotton Gin Site

The Carter Cotton Gin stood at the epicenter of the 1864 Battle of Franklin. It also was the site of enslaved and free African American labor for thirty years.

        As the Franklin’s Charge coordinator of the Cotton Gin site and as part of my doctoral program, I led the archival and archaeological investigations of this area and its related trench works.

        After two years of work, two large grants from the Tennessee Wars Commission, matching funds from private donors, the efforts of engineer Ron Crutcher, and work in kind from the City of Franklin, Dr. Larry McKee and his crew from TRC Solutions discovered 100 meters of the original Federal line. In May of 2015, they also found the original base stones of the iconic Cotton Gin, a historic remnant  feared lost for over one hundred years 

        Below are just a few samples of the labors involved in this monumental find.

Cotton Gin base_looking from northwest corner to southwest corner_2Dr McKee and crew working northeast corner of Franklin Cotton Gin site_May 15 2015

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