Countdown to the Battle of Franklin – Four Days Out

26 Nov

One Hundred and fifty years ago, two massive armies were about to engage in Middle Tennessee, and reporters were waiting. Throughout much of the war, the nation’s 2,000-plus newspapers operated as morale officers as much as they reported events. This was especially true on the eve of the Battle of Franklin.

By then, it was evident that something great and terrible was about to happen, but partisans rags could not agree on where, or  which side was more foolish for trying.  Two quotes well represent this common battle before a battle.

“The fear and trembling of the Yankees at Nashville is so manifest in their telegrams from that place, and their efforts to keep their courage up so transparent, as to be quite amusing.”    –  Richmond, Virginia Examiner, November 1864

“A battle between the respective armies of Hood and Thomas, somewhere on the line of the railroad between Columbia and Nashville…is imminent and most inevitable. Our [Union] force is ample and well positioned. It is pre-eminently desirable that Hood should press on with his hair-brain campaign.”    – Louisville Union Press, Nov 28, 1864.



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