Signs of New Imagination

25 Jul

Born in the era of punch cards and vacuum tubes, I marvel at technology’s keen ability to accelerate its own growth. As we embark to create new trail signs in Franklin and elsewhere, digital breakthroughs are leaping their way onto our old placards. Take for example Fort Granger, the Union Civil War Fort at Franklin and the object of my dissertation. For students and tourists, the best we could do in the past was to show this geometric jumble of a two dimensional map.    

Ft Granger old map Then there came Google Earth, which enabled us to show the fortification today, albeit carpeted with trees and surrounded by buildings…

Google map of Fort Granger Now, we can unearth this fortress and bring it back to life, thanks to the breakthrough of Lidar. With pinpoint precision, here is the long-hidden body of Ft. Granger, with its bastions and moats, set upon a treeless and barren landscape, towering above the Harpeth River, just as it once did at the height of the Civil War.

(Image by Jake Harvey, GIS Engineer, City of Franklin).        

  West Point No Veg Elev


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